Other Services

We believe that marketing should be holistic, where principles are applied and systems are built to produce sustainable growth. We want to look at the whole picture and help clients build a stronger brand. More specifically, looking at the four P’s of marketing: Product, Placement, Price, and Promotion, so that your cause has the best opportunity for success. For example, we like to review a client’s marketing position, offer concerns and suggestions, develop a plan and execute with tools such as logo design, web development, social media, photography, and video. We believe that through a comprehensive approach to marketing we can do a better job at helping you succeed. We value long-term relationships over one time products.

Social Media Management

We believe social media is crucial for many businesses and organizations. Through the various social media platforms, you can reach thousands, every day, with the product or cause you are offering. Running social media platforms takes intentionality, consistency, and quality. Our team has the skills to teach you how to run your social media accounts through content, strategizing, and engagement. The service we offer is to come alongside your business or organization and help you run this type of marketing.


Web Design + Hosting

We have a team of skilled graphic designers, photographers, and web technicians to not only design and develop, but also host your site. Our team works hard to design in a professional way to clearly communicate your story and business.


Graphic Design

We offer a variety of graphic design services including printed material (i.e. brochures, business cards, flyers), logos, and more.

What it looks like to work with us


Our process starts with getting to know you, the client, and understanding or building a strategy for the work that will need to be done. Marketing must begin by intentional, quality strategy.


After a strategy has been understood, we meet with our team and plan out the work needing to be done. We partner with you to help get your priorities finished. We can help become the marketing staff you don’t have, or help the staff you do have to finish the work.


After we have developed a direction through strategy and planning, we immediately begin building a strong product for your company or cause. We work very hard to work with proven designers to help your business be successful.

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