Speaking Topics

Before You Use Facebook – What will you be known for?

You are always marketing yourself, so understand how to act online before you jeopardize your future.  Learn how to be responsible, build credibility, and develop good relationships online. This is a great workshop for teens, people looking for a job, or those that want to build a strong online profile.

Marketing in 2013 – Get a tune-up on your marketing skills.

Combining foundational principles with current marketing tools and trends, this workshop will have you up to date on marketing for 2013.  Learn about social, web, email, and relationship marketing through an interactive presentation. This workshop is great for entrepreneur and current business owners, or those who aspire to start a business.

Building A Cause – Make your good idea happen.

Tools like Facebook have made it easier than ever to help create and share a cause.  Learn how to build a cause that will last.  This may be something you have already started or something you plan to build.  Either way, this workshop will help give you the tools you need to make a great cause happen.

Web Design Essentials – Find out if your website is quality.

Understand what it takes to develop a website with good design principles.  From a media director comes the tips you will need to improve your website for effective use. Even for Church sites, business sites, and personal blogs, there are essentials that you need to understand.

Brand Building – Equip your brand for success.

Learn some of the essentials of developing a quality brand.  Understand how product, price, promotion, and placement will affect how you present your products in today’s market place. Many people think they know how to market, but not everyone understands the basics that will help you create a successful marketing mix.

Equine Marketing – Marketing help for your equine business.

Times are changing and equestrian managers need to have the latest tools on hand to build their brand and move their product. This workshop combines foundational principles with current marketing tools and trends to help you with marketing. Learn and review specific tools in social, web, email, and relationship marketing.

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