Facebook Tips for an Organization   Facebook 

  • Post regularly.
  • Have one person who is responsible for posting regularly.
  • Have up to date contact information.
  • Post pictures.
  • “Like” other peoples stuff (Be social!).
  • Respect others’ privacy.
  • Post about others how you would have them post about you.
  • Ask people’s permission to post pictures of them.
  • Pictures at public events will be better posting material.
  • Spend money on it. Run ads and promotions.
  • Promote your Facebook page off the web.
  • Do some giveaways.
  • Run an active personal Facebook account. It will help you know what is happening.
  • Read up on the topic and become more knowledgeable about social media.


Important points:

  • Do you have a media release for your company or organization?  Does this release cover Facebook?
  • Consider having a Facebook picture release form for key shots that you want to post.
  • What will you post on Facebook?


Policy Examples:



Facebook Advice for Businesses:


Getting Pictures:


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