I was recently on Google Maps and noticed the live information about vehicle accidents in the area.  It said the information wasSocial Apps reported by Waze App, so I took the time to check it out. It turned out to be based on social media reporting from thousands of drivers, all over the place.

What a great idea! A simple way to be notified about street hazards, slow traffic, and the location of police. This is cool stuff! Thousands of little road spies reporting on everything that happens on the road. Again, cool. This idea is a great adaptation of social media and will grow because I believe it is the future of traffic reports for our connected society.

For marketing directors, these location-related social media apps offer some unique marketing opportunities.  From the marketing standpoint, location is huge. These apps relate to some businesses more than others, but for some, this could be a really big breakthrough.

Imagine that you are driving down the road and your co-pilot is keeping an eye on the traffic using a driving app. About this time you start to get hungry, you remember that with only a few clicks, you can spot potential eateries. You are in a new area, you don’t know what is around, but this little app you love helps you to spot the perfect place to have a meal.

There are thousand of applications like this for the socially-connected driver.  The app that helps them avoid speeding tickets and accidents can also help you find cheap gas and a place to eat.  Marketers need to be watching new ideas like this.  Social media still has room to grow and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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