Pic Monkey Review I have been using PicMonkey for years and I pay for the service. As a content developer that doesn’t always have the time to use a more advanced tool such as Photoshop I like to use PicMonkey. Over the years I have found real value in using this app on the computer. Now they have a new mobile app. After checking out the app I approve. There is also a new option to store your projects on their Hub. After renewing my subscription I can now use this option. It should be handy when I create items on my phone but need them on my computer at a different time.

I have an affiliate account with PicMonkey and would love your support: Click here to visit the picmonkey.com site.


Another review of PikMonkey.com: http://sheposts.com/content/photo-editing-evolves-an-interview-with-picmonkey

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