Pic Monkey Review I was a big fan of Picnik.com, but they are gone.  Sad but true, and that leaves us with one less option in the online photo editing realm.  Google just sent out a email reminding us that Picnik was a goner and then mentioned several new options which included PicMonkey.com.

On quick inspection, it looks similar to Picnik, but has a new theme. At lease some of the staff are the same people that brought us Picnick.com, thus the similarities.  The tools look alike, but at this point, there are less options/tools/graphics.  There are dramatically less fonts, but I am sure that new options will roll out over time as was the case with Picnik. So if you need a photo editing site and you are into trying online tools out, try this one out and leave your review.  I don’t think that all of it will be free for long, so send them some love because we need more sites like this.


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Another review of PikMonkey.com: http://sheposts.com/content/photo-editing-evolves-an-interview-with-picmonkey

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