This point is probably the closest to my heart. Passion about marketing is vital if you hope to be successful. An energetic marketer will always outperform an apathetic one. If you are passionate about your cause, you will get it done. Throw yourself at what you’re marketing and see what happens!

The passionate marketer will do whatever it takes, within moral and ethical bounds, to find a way to share a product with the world. Only a person with tenacity will last through the hard times. Sometimes you’ll need to start over and sometimes you’ll just need to find a new product. You might have the right product, but are having trouble getting the word out. Never ever give up on something you know is right. I hope that you connect with this point because it matters more than almost everything else. Calculation and strategy are important, but I have worked with people who truly believe in what they do, and passion is something you can’t buy.

Think of all the great ideas that were not appreciated at the start! People who believed in those items pushed them to the top, or at least to a point where others could finish the journey. I have met many people who, at first glance, seemed unlikely to do very well, but they proved to be true blue because they had passion to get the job done.

Consider the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, where African American citizens of this country took on the city busing system over the issue of racial segregation. It was a principled move with unlikely odds to change laws and common practice, but Rosa Parks stood up for what she knew was right in the face of those who told her she was wrong. Martin Luther King Jr. stood with her and spoke passionately for the feelings of others to make change happen. They peacefully did what it took to stand for their cause, and they won.

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