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ROSIE Marketing LLC is about a personally crafted service where we partner with specific clients for creative solutions. Our success is built on client success – which is our first priority! Specifically, our goal is to apply marketing and branding principles to your unique situation. We provide information and a skill set that will solve problems and create opportunity. Our primary services include branding solutions, social media consultation, photography, design, web and now drone photography. When there is the right fit, we would love to tell your story. 

The process starts with getting to know the client and understanding or building a strategy for the work that will need to be done.  Marketing must be driven by quality strategy.

After a strategy has been understood, we plan out the work that needs to be done.  We partner with you to help get your priorities finished.  We can help become the marketing staff you don’t have, or help the staff you do have finish the work.

After we have developed a direction through strategy and planning, we go to work building a strong brand for you company or cause.  We work very hard to work with proven designers to build this custom brand.

Good Marketing

Laying a foundation for Good Marketing In marketing, do the right thing, always and without exception. It almost sounds opposite to “do what it takes” marketing, but doing what it takes must have rules. Every single decision you make works to set a foundation. If you...

My New Secret Marketing Weapon

I love internet advertising these days.  It is a personal style and strategy, but I also think it hosts a lot of opportunity. We have a wonderful local newspaper we work with and word of mouth is huge for our camp, but I still use Facebook on a daily basis, run Google...

Some Quick Facebook Tips for an Organization

Facebook Tips for an Organization     Post regularly. Have one person who is responsible for posting regularly. Have up to date contact information. Post pictures. “Like” other peoples stuff (Be social!). Respect others' privacy. Post about others how you would have...

Read it Now – Referral Engine

I am referring a book to you, read it soon.  Not many books will pay off in the short term, but if this book does not give you some smart ideas quick, then you have a pathetic propensity for thought.  I have not even finished the book but already think that it is a...

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