I love internet advertising these days.  It is a personal style and strategy, but I also think it hosts a lot of opportunity. We have a wonderful local newspaper we work with and word of mouth is huge for our camp, but I still use Facebook on a daily basis, run Google adwords, and have a staff running our Pinterest account. However, with all my love of internet advertizing, I had never sponsored a blog.  This week that has changed, maybe forever.

I was recently very disappointed with a print magazine’s offer to advertize with them.  I wrote back and explained how many thousands of people I could reach on Facebook with a similar budget.  To their credit, they made a lower offer that I am still pondering, but this experience also increased my interest in sponsoring a blog.

The website Technorati lists many of the most popular blogs and it is estimated by http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/blogs that the Huffington Post blog recieves about 85 million unique visits per month. The Pioneer Woman blog gets about 13 million visits per month. Blogs are huge these days and parents are increasingly turning to blogs for inspiration and ideas.

That being stated, I was on the hunt for a blog that fit my target market.  I searched top blogs in that category and picked two, then wrote the owners about advertizing.  I picked the first one that wrote me back and had my site advertised in about a week. To my surprise, I had a great lead for our School of Discipleship in just a few days.  What a return on investment!

I am paying about $60 per month for a blog that boasts of having about 90,000 unique visits per month. They also post my organization to Facebook during each of the three months we signed up for this round. This is an early report, maybe it will not work out, but I suspect that we will be doing more with advertising on this media platform.  So try it out. Search for a blog that fits your target market and see how it goes.  If you are unwilling to try new things, you won’t survive in this ever changing marketing landscape.

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