Stop for a moment and consider three brands that you can remember quickly.  Chances are they each have some similar characteristics.  These qualities are often found in any great logo, and should be found in brand. Review this short list to see how your brand measures up. Keep in mind this is a very short review; a longer explanation and review might be helpful.  This however gives you a few important principles to consider.

Consistency in Brand – Strong brands are often kept consistent over time. Not to say they don’t make small changes, but these strong brands stay true to themselves.  It is hard to remember something if it changes often. Work to keep your brand consistent and stable.

Consistency of Art – The logo, color, and culture of the organization should be kept consistent.  The marketing director and executive should defend the consistency of the art. You should be very specific in how you display your brand and protect it against those who might try and distort it by presenting it poorly.

Consistently Clear – Simple is normally best.  Keep your brand and logo simple enough to remember and uphold within the organization. People don’t remember complex anything’s.  Work to establish a clean and simple image.

Consistently Unique – Art is unique, so your brand should be unique. If you developed your brand on Word or publisher, chances are you do not have a unique look.  This step can often require hiring a team of artists to help establish your artistic brand.

Consistent Quality – Whatever you offer, must be great. You don’t want to be remembered for your poor quality.  If it’s worth making, it is worth making well.  If your product is not great, consider making it better, or not selling it at all.

These principles might reveal that your brand is strong. Many small business brands are in great shape, but many are in terrible shape and need a fix.   Do whatever it takes to make a strong brand that people will remember.  Study the art of brand building before you start your quest to remodel your own.  Know the principles before you start, then get out there and build a great brand.


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